(area teams only)

>Brackenridge27-5A (basket/volley) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>Brooks Academy – 30-4A (basket/volley) / independent (foot)

>Burbank – 27-5A (basket) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>Central Catholic – TAPPS 3-I (baseball) / TAPPS 3-6A (basket) / TAPPS 3-I (foot)

>East Central – 26-6A (all sports)

>Edison – 27-5A (basket/volley) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>Fox Tech – 27-5A (basket/volley)

>Harlandale – 26-5A (basket/volley) / 14-5A Div. I (foot)

>Highlands – 27-5A (basket/volley) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>Holy Cross – TAPPS 4-II (base / foot / soft) / TAPPS 5-5A (basket / volley)

>Jefferson – 27-5A (basket/volley) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>Kennedy – 26-5A (basket/volley) / 14-5A Div. II (foot)

>Lanier – 27-5A (basket/volley) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>McCollum – 26-5A (basket/volley) / 14-5A Div. I (foot)

>Memorial – 26-5A (basket/volley) / 14-5A Div. II (foot)

>Providence – TAPPS 5-5A (basket / volley) / TAPPS 4-II (soft)

>St. Gerard – TAPPS 5-V (base) / TAPPS 5-2A (basket / volley) / TAPPS 3-IV (foot) / TAPPS 5-IV (softball)

>Sam Houston – 27-5A (basket/volley) / 13-5A Div. I (foot)

>South San – 27-6A (all sports)

>Southside – 28-5A (basket/volley) / 15-5A Div. II (foot)

>Southwest – 28-5A (basket/volley) / 14-5A Div. I (foot)

>Southwest Legacy – 28-5A (basket/volley) / 14-5A Div. I (foot)

>Young Women’s Leadership Academy – independent


About Mike Considine (1619 Articles)
I started this blog as an extension of the sports stories I've been doing as an independent contractor for the Southside Reporter the past 12 years. I've been a sportswriter for more than 35 years, including two stints with the late, lamented San Antonio Light. My purpose, in creating this blog, is to shine a light on the athletic achievements of teams and athletes on the south side of San Antonio.

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