SOFTBALL: This week’s results (thru April 23)

NOTE: teams we cover are in boldface

Games of April 1016

Monday’s games

District 29-5A

Medina Valley 12, Southside 2 (6 innings) (suspended from Friday)


Providence at Holy Cross (ppd., wet grounds)


Kerrville Our Lady of the Hills at Schertz John Paul II (score unavailable)

St. Gerard at Keystone (score unavailable)

Tuesday’s games

District 28-6A

East Central 10, Corpus Christi King 9

Southwest vs. Corpus Christi Ray at Cabaniss Field, Corpus Christi (ppd. to 5:30 p.m., Thursday)

South San vs. Corpus Christi Carroll at Cabaniss Field, Corpus Christi (ppd. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday)

District 27-5A

Floresville 4, Alamo Heights 2

Kerrville Tivy 15, Memorial 0 (3 innings)

San Marcos 15, Boerne Champion 0 (5 innings)

Seguin 15, Kennedy 0 (3 innings)

District 28-5A

Burbank 10, Harlandale 7

Jefferson 8, Highlands 1

Lanier 17, Sam Houston 1 (4 innings)

McCollum 10, Edison 6

District 29-5A

Laredo Cigarroa 11, Southside 1 (5 innings)

Laredo Nixon 6, Laredo Martin 4

Medina Valley 11, Uvalde 1 (5 innings)

Somerset 3, Eagle Pass Winn 2

District 26-3A

Marion 10, Randolph 0 (5 innings)

Cole at Brooks Academy (score unavailable)


TMI 16, San Antonio Christian 9

Corpus Christi John Paul II at Cornerstone Christian (score unavailable)

Victoria St. Joseph at Corpus Christi Incarnate Word (ppd., rescheduled to 5 p.m. Friday)


Austin San Juan Diego at Kerrville Our Lady of the Hills (score unavailable)


Antonian 5, Holy Cross 2 (rescheduled from Thursday)

Wednesday’s games

District 286A

Corpus Christi Carroll 3, South San(rescheduled from Tuesday)

Thursday’s games

District 286A

Corpus Christi Ray 5, Southwest 4 (11 innings) (rescheduled from Tuesday)

District 275A

Kennedy 11, Memorial 0 (5 innings)

District 285A

Edison vs. Jefferson at Villarreal Field No. 3 (ppd, rescheduled to 7:15 p.m. Friday)

Harlandale vs. McCollum at Tejeda Complex  (ppd., rescheduled to 10 a.m. Friday)

Highlands vs. Brackenridge at Villarreal Field No. 1 (ppd, rescheduled to 7:15 p.m. Friday)

Lanier vs. Burbank at Villarreal Field No. 2 (ppd, rescheduled to 7:15 p.m. Friday)


Holy Cross 15, Providence 0 (4 innings) (rescheduled from Monday)
Cornerstone Christian at TMI (score unavailable)


Marble Falls Faith Academy vs. St. Gerard (score unavailable)

Friday’s games

District 28-6A

Corpus Christi Carroll at Southwest (rescheduled to 2 p.m. Saturday)

South San 6, East Central 2

Corpus Christi Ray 11, Corpus Christi King 4

District 275A

Kerrville Tivy 5, Alamo Heights 4 (8 innings)

San Marcos at Lockhart (rescheduled to 7 p.m. Saturday)

Seguin 15, Boerne Champion 0 (4 innings)

District 285A

Edison 4, Jefferson 3 (rescheduled from Thursday)

McCollum 9, Harlandale (rescheduled from Thursday)

Highlands 3, Brackenridge 2 (rescheduled from Thursday)

Burbank 17, Lanier 0 (3 innings) (rescheduled from Thursday)

District 263A

Marion at Cole (score unavailable)

Natalia 14, Randolph 1 (5 innings)


Holy Cross 5, Corpus Christi John Paul II 2

Corpus Christi Incarnate Word 8, Victoria St. Joseph 1 (rescheduled from Tuesday)

Victoria St. Joseph 18, Provudence 3 (5 innings)

Saturday’s games

District 28-6A

Southwest 4, Corpus Christi Carroll 3 (rescheduled from Friday)

District 275A

Lockhart 2, San Marcos 0 (rescheduled from Friday)


Three Rivers at Holy Cross (score unavailable)

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