BOYS & GIRLS BASKETBALL: Area rankings (thru Jan. 5)

Through Jan. 5


1. Central Catholic

2. East Central

3. Edison

4. Lanier

5. Sam Houston

6. Harlandale

7. Brackenridge

8. Burbank

9. South San

10. McCollum

11. Highlands

12. Southwest

13. Memorial

14. Southside

15. Kennedy



1. Southwest

2. Brackenridge

3. Harlandale

4. Highlands

5. South San

6. Edison

7. Holy Cross

8. Lanier

9. East Central

10. Southside

11. Kennedy

12. McCollum

13. Jefferson

14. Memorial

15. Sam Houston


About Mike Considine (1352 Articles)
I started this blog as an extension of the sports stories I've been doing as an independent contractor for the Southside Reporter the past five years. I've been a sportswriter for more than 35 years, including two stints with the late, lamented San Antonio Light. I cover high school football for the San Antonio Express-News in the fall. My purpose, in creating this blog, is to shine a light on the athletic achievements of teams and athletes on the south side of San Antonio.

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